About Sasson

Sasson Tiram - Photographer
Sasson Tiram Photography LTD

Sasson has been a photojournalist in Israel since 1979. Sasson has an extensive experience with all aspects of photojournalism and public relations and has developed a specialty in photography of Jerusalem.

Sasson graduated from the Hadassah College of Photography in 1978. Following his army service he was in charge of a photography laboratory for the Israeli Air Force. Several years later Sasson became one of the owners and managers of a large photojournalism agency in Jerusalem. At that time the agency was the sole supplier of photography of Jerusalem area for the largest communication group in Israel “Yediot Ahronot”.

Today Sasson owns and manages a private photojournalism agency “Sasson Tiram Photography LTD,” in Jerusalem. He employs and represents many photographers from all over Israel.

Sasson participated in several exhibitions, some as a sole presenter and was the senior photography contributor and producer of several books publications.